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Interdenominational Prayer Meeting
Banquet Hall - Thursday 30 July 2020 at 7:30pm

Convener: Ps Rasik Ranchord
Parliamentary Host: Hon Tim Macindoe
Participants: Hon Tim Macindoe, Joanne Hayes, Hon Melissa Lee
Apologies:strong> Simeon Brown

Opening Prayer: Ps Hamish Thomson

Welcome: Hon.Tim Macindoe, Ps Rasik Ranchord

Members of Parliament are very encouraged by the attendance at the Prayer at Parliament meetings. This is the last meeting before the election on Saturday the 17 October, 2020. The closing of the 52nd NZ Parliament will be Thursday the 6th September; then the election campaign period begins. We are grateful for being able to choose our elected representatives here as this is not the situation in some other countries. Let us pray for a decent campaign, with important issues being debated with clarity.


Bible Readings:
Old Testament : Psalm67:1-7 read by Ps Lalita Ranchord
New Testament : 1 Tim 2:1-7 read by Jo Hayes MP


Prayer Track 1 : Election Campaign Hon Tim Macindoe

Prayer Points:

  • Clean Campaigning
  • Stable Government
  • Challenges MPs face
  • Retiring MPs
  • Christian MPs returned
  • New Christian MPs enter


Prayer Track 2 : Election, Economic Recovery and Referendums Hon Melissa Lee

Prayer Pointers:

  • Economic Recovery
  • Referendums
  • Wisdom to balance Health, Safety and Economic Recovery
  • Vaccines


Prayer Track 3 : Election, Mobilising Christian Voters Ps Rasik Ranchord

Prayer Pointers:

  • Motivating Christian Leaders
  • Motivating Christians to vote Overcoming 3 Giants: (1) Unbalanced theology (2) Apathy  (3) Cynicism
  • Distribution of Election Resources


Closing Prayer: Tricia Caughley

Next Prayer at Parliament Gathering: Thursday 5th November 2020


In the Bonds of Christ

Rasik Ranchord
AMPP National Director