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Interdenominational Prayer Meeting

Banquet Hall - Thurs 12 March 2020 at 7:30pm


Ps Rasik Ranchord


Members of Parliament present: Hon.Tim Macindoe, Hon. Alfred Ngaro, Joanne Hayes, Agnes Loheni, Paulo

Opening Prayer:

Ps Hamish Thomson


Appreciation was expressed by the Members of Parliament in relation to the attendance at these prayer events in Parliament. Members of Parliament are very encouraged by the turnout at the meetings

Bible Readings:

OT - 2 Chron 7:11-15 : Joanne Hayes

NT -  Rom 13;1-7 :  Agnes Loheni

Prayer Track 1:

Cannabis Referendum : Paulo Garcia, MP

Prayer Pointers:

  • For wisdom among our country's people,  that they would see the danger posed by this liberalisation
  • For truth to prevail in the debates and educational campaigns that both sides put forward ahead of the referendum
  • For unity among those who are coordinating opposition to this proposal, that they would be an effective force against this law
  • For clarity and peace to replace the stupor and escape that drugs bring into the lives of many in our country.

Prayer Track 2:

Election / Abortion Law Update : Hon Alfred Ngaro MP

Prayer Pointers:

  • Election General
  • Leaders of all Parties
  • Your Electorate MP
  • Retiring MPs
  • Robust but fair Campaigning
  • Abortion issues

Prayer Track 3:

Election / Christian Engagement : Ps Rasik Ranchord

Prayer Pointers:

  • Church Leaders: will teach on Christians Civic Duties
  • Church Leaders will encourage all eligible voters to vote and especially those turning 18
  • Christians will vote prayerfully and intelligently
  • Sitting Christian MPs in all parties will be returned
  • New Christian MPs will enter parliament
  • Mobilise other Christians to enrol and vote

Next Gathering

7:20 pm Thursday 4th June in the Grand Hall

Closing Prayer

Rev David Major



The entire world has not faced a crisis of this magnitude since World War II. As nations are confronted with this pandemic let us as Christians use the powerful weapon of prayer and intercession as never before. The apostle James reminds us "the earnest (heartfelt and continued ) prayer of a righteous person makes tremendous power available (James 5:16 Amp )


The Bible likens prayer to incense (Rev 5:8 ) In Ex17: 8-15  Moses takes Aaron and Hur o the hilltop to pray and as long as his hands were lifted up Joshua and his army prevailed against the enemy. 'Vertical engagement in prayer led to 'horizontal' victory against the enemy. Let us employ the strategy our present enemy namely coronavirus and see it defeated.


Some prayer points in on this topic

  • The turning of the tide in regard to the pandemic
  • Speedy discovery and production of anti-virus vaccines
  • Our Prime Minister and her Cabinet for having to make difficult decisions (e.g. health and economic)
  • For  all personnel involved in essential services, e.g: doctors and nurses and staff, food production and delivery, police etc
  • Everyone will conscientiously obey COVD-19 guidelines.
  • Fellow New Zealander's and families
  • Faced with such a danger, people will awaken to their need for God and in due course, this will provide all Christians great opportunities to share the gospel

I would like to specially commend to you Psalms 91, 27:1-6, 18:1-3 esp in the Passion Version. Our first place of security is a person: God Himself, He is our refuge our fortress. Secondly our home and following COVD-19 guidelines. Biblical precedents for sanitation guidelines, see Lev chs13-15



In the bonds of  Christ

Rasik Ranchord