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In attendance:


  • Hon Chester Borrows (Host MP)
  • Mr David Cunliffe
  • Ms Melissa Lee


  • Dr Peter Thirkell
  • Dr John Kliensman
  • Hon Chester Borrows MP
  • Ps Rasik Ranchord

Hon Chester Borrows, Host MP, welcomed the people to the meeting, giving apologies for MPs. Jonathan Young, Alfred Ngaro, Mark Mitchell and Tim Macindoe.  Hon Chester Borrows acknowledged the presence of his parliamentary colleagues and Gordon Copeland, previously an MP.  Newcomers to the meeting from many places across New Zealand were also welcomed and thanked for taking the time to come to this House.

Ps Rasik Ranchord also welcomed the people to the meeting and acknowledged that many had travelled good distances (for instance, from Tauranga, Auckland, Whanganui, Wairarapa, to name a few) to be part of Prayer at Parliament.

The Scripture readings were as follows:

  • Old Testament: Ps 67:1-7, Melissa Lee
  • New Testament: Eph 6:10-20, David Cunliffe


Ps Rasik‘s word of exhortation came from Luke 18 – where we are exhorted to pray and never give up.


Prayer Track 1 – Christians in the Market Place – Dr Peter Thirkell

Many Christians think that faith has implication only in the private life, with no effect in the market place.  Peter Drucker said that business enterprises are the womb of society.  There can be a calling to the market place, and to do work well.  Pope John Paul II said that business has improved the lives of many.  Tim Keller said “just do your job really, really well”.  In the book “The Call”, Oz Guinness said “there is no call without a Caller”.  Points to ponder:

  1. People discover a sense of calling in their work (in business or the market place). Sustainable work distributes the fruits of labour in an equitable way.  Michael Porter advised that not all profit is equal.  NZ Post, Toyota NZ, Toyota Japan are all sustainable initiatives. CEO of Unilever said that Business can contribute to a society becoming more caring.
  2. More businesses will discover sustainable business practices.
    • List of characteristics in business: (These keys are only found via the Gospel)
      • Courage
      • Temperance
      • Justice
      • Good judgment
  3. Virtue to flourish in the market place. Look out for the affairs of others. Philippians 4 talks about whatever is of good report, think on these things.
  4. Virtuous business is good business.
  5. Pray for non profits/ charities

Pray for guidance, creativity, the ability to manage in a time of great change and that they will treat staff well.  Choose the right yardstick when measuring business.  Many lives have been beneficially affected by business.

Prayer Pointers:

  • A rediscovery of work as a calling
  • A sustainable and just economy
  • Virtue to flourish in the market place
  • Our leaders in business and the non profits.


Prayer Track 2– Euthanasia Debate: A Christian Perspective – Dr John Kliensman

Dr Kliensman is the Director of the Nathaniel Centre and Chair of the Care Alliance.

Euthanasia is a complex problem. Euthanasia is not a Christian response to the end of life issues. There are concerns in relation to palliative care in far flung areas, however euthanasia is not the answer to illness and pain etc. 

Euthanasia is defined by “intention”. (Ref: Seales v Attorney General.) David Seymour’s bill would give euthanasia on demand and is focused on alleviating unbearable suffering. Belgium and Netherlands no longer have voluntary euthanasia. Others can make that request for those who cannot ask for it themselves. There has been a significant increase (700-800%) in assisted deaths in Belgium. People see it as being about physical pain but there are psychological concerns also. Where will it end?

The Christian response is to be compassionate – which means “to walk with”. We oppose suffering and continue to find ways to alleviate this. One way is to counter social isolation for the elderly, disable and lonely ones.

Prayer Pointers:

  • For those who are dying, and their families
  • For those who care daily for the dying and disabled
  • For the media whose work influences the public
  • For openness, wisdom and courage for politicians


Prayer Track 3: MPs and New Children’s Commissioner

The new Children’s Commissioner is Judge Andrew Becroft.  Mr Becroft has been in the judiciary since 1996 when he was appointed as a District Court Judge.  His appointment was a cross party agreement.  Judge Becroft is a committed Christian. 

Hon. Chester Borrows prayed for Judge Becroft and commended him to the meeting for continued upholding in prayer in his new role as the Children’s Commissioner.

Prayer pointers

  • For Leaders of all political parties
  • For the Cabinet
  • For Christian MP across all parties
  • Your Local MP
  • Judge Andrew Becroft, Children’s Commissioner.

All Prayer Points are on the Prayer@Parliament website (www.prayeratparliament.org.nz )

The next Prayer at Parliament will be in 22 September 2016.

Hamish Thompson closed the meeting with prayer.