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7:20pm Thursday's - 27th June and 26th September.




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Once again most of the Grand Hall was full. People came from most denominations and from as far afield as Tokoroa, Masterton, Feilding, Palmerston North as well as the greater Wellington Region.


PRAYER TRACK 1: Insights From Eric Roy MP (Retiring)

Eric Roy MP (Deputy Speaker)

Eric is retiring after 18 years in Parliament. I asked him to share his insights.

“God answers prayer! Testimonies: (1) I will be 66 tomorrow. When I was 49 I collapsed and had inoperable lymph cancer. I was told I had a 20% chance of surviving. People prayed. We applied James 5:13-16. This passage is very important! We need to pray and praise God; confess sin and get right with God; and call for the elders of the church. I had chemotherapy, and I asked to be given 50% more than the normal maximum because I believed this was the right thing to do. I sought God and exercised my faith positively. It was a spiritual battle too. I’m still alive today, 17 years later! (2) Before my granddaughter was born it was found she had the umbilical cord wrapped 7 times round her neck and it was thought she would be born with severe problems. She wasn't; and she has gone on to achieve well! (3) My son joined a cult in Australia and cut off all communication with our family. He has now severed contact with the cult and restored communication with us.

As a nation we have lost our way. MPs reflect or represent their nation, so if we have a lost nation we will lose the way in Parliament/Government too. There are good churches, so why do we have so little effect? We don't live in a black and white world – politicians have to be elected and stay elected, if they want to be an MP, and compromise is a part of doing that. Politicians and Parliament need wisdom and integrity. Often “the other side” seems to be better organised than we are. We need to be better organised! MPs’ families face strong pressures. Pray for MPs and their families”.

Chester Borrows MP and Ps Rasik Ranchord paid tributes to Eric followed by prayers from Brian Caughley (IFNZ) and Tim Macindoe (MP)



  • For Christians to be represented in all Parties.
  • For integrity and wisdom for all MPs.
  • That our nation’s standards will be based on Biblical principles.
  • That the Government will be aware of what areas are priority areas.


PRAYER TRACK 2: The Gospel in 2014

Nick Field Senior Pastor of The Street City Church:

Romans 1:16-17. It is 200 years since the Gospel was first preached in New Zealand. The nation has been blessed in times of righteousness but at other times has reaped the fruit of unrighteousness. It is time (it’s always time!) to preach the Gospel and see God at work – followers of Jesus in relationship with Him. We need to demonstrate the Gospel as it should affect the areas of poverty, oppression, violence, immorality, etc. When the Gospel first came it had a positive impact on Maori and was spread by Maori. Wrong beliefs and practices (e.g., utu – revenge) went, as people’s hearts were changed. The Gospel can still bring an end to the evils of today. People must be born again – receive a new heart through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.



  • For boldness to spread the Gospel.
  • For Christians to see opportunities to serve their communities, and proclaim the Gospel.
  • For humility and courage to cross boundaries that divide us as followers of Jesus, so that the power of the Gospel is displayed.


PRAYER TRACK 3: A Christian’s Civic Responsibilities

Ps Rasik Ranchord

800,000 people enrolled did not vote in the last elections plus 200,000 did not even enrol making a total of 1 million people i.e. 1 in 3 voters.  How many of these missing million were Christians?

He shared from two pamphlets that he has written: ‘Should Christian be involved in Politics?’ also ‘Vote Smart 2014’.

a simple step by step guide to MMP.  These pamphlets are available from our website.  A third pamphlet, ‘God and Government’ giving a more detailed Biblical analysis will be available soon.


Please let your minister and others know about these resources, they may be downloaded from here or from Rasik's own website here.



  • For church leaders to motivate their people about their civic duties.
  • For the leaders of all Parties.
  • For your local MPs.
  • For all Christian candidates and MPs.
  • For retiring MPs and their families; and for all new MPs who will be elected.
  • For the privileges and responsibilities of living in a democracy.


Our next Prayer @ Parliament will be on Thursday November 6, 2014 due to Election being in September.



A joint initiative was announced by Ps Rasik Ranchord, convener of Prayer @ Parliament and Brian Caughley Director of IFNZ to have a nationwide 40 Days of Prayer leading up to the Election. Brian will focus on Prayer (vertical dimension) and Ps Rasik will focus on educating Christians re Election and MMP (horizontal dimension). This two-dimensional strategy is based on Exodus 17: 8-16 – Moses and company on the mount; Joshua and company in the field.


Watch this space for more information