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The first Prayer @ Parliament gathering for the year was held in the Grand Hall on 21 March.

After some heart-felt worship, including the National Anthem, Eric Roy MP opened in prayer.

Sam Lotu-Iiga MP welcomed the audience of around 180 people. He commented that being part of the evening and having just sung New Zealand’s National Anthem gave him peace. He asked attendees to pray for all MPs and those that work in government across the nation.

Convener Pastor Rasik Ranchord then officially opened the meeting with a special welcome to out of town guests including some from Tauranga, Hamilton and Wairarapa. He also acknowledged and welcomed the presence of the Philippines Ambassador to New Zealand H.E Virginia Benavidez.

The first bible reading, Isaiah 40:21-31 was given by Tim Macindoe MP. The second scripture reading, Matthew 5:1-16 was delivered by Alfred Ngaro MP.

Pastor Ranchord thanked MP’s who had voted against the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill and in so doing standing for truth. He asked the participants to continue to uphold these MPs in prayer.

“Our prayer is driven by the word of God and the Spirit of God directs and energises our prayer. If we are not informed with the relevant information we will not be specific or persistent in our prayers” he cautioned. “We need to be passionate and persevering in our prayers,” he stated.

We will need to intercede (Godward) but we also need to be prophetic (manwood). Pastor Ranchord concluded with a comment about taking heed of the Prophets who spoke about a Nation’s morale condition.

There were three Prayer Tracks:

  • The first track ‘Education – A Christian Perspective’ was led by Wellington College Headmaster, Roger Moses. He commented that we are in a spiritual battle and asked people to pray for a Christian presence in state schools. Prayers were made for Christian leaders to speak boldly, especially concerning moral issues. Attendees also prayed for Christians outside schools to help disadvantaged students and for a compelling Christian voice to compete in a marketplace of ideas.
  • The second track ‘Jesus All About Hope 2014” is the title of a nationwide outreach project to be launched at Easter next year. Pastor David Mann said it was 30 years since the Gospel has been taken to every home in New Zealand. Now with the help of multiple media, television adverts, booklets, a website, church partnership and a definite strategy, this is the project goal. The Hope Project is part of the bicentenary celebrations planned to commemorate Samuel Marsden preaching the first gospel message on New Zealand soil in 1814.
  • The third track was the Marriage Amendment Bill.., An Update and a Reflection. Pastor Ranchord outlined the prayer points aimed at ensuring comprehensive and robust protection for all marriage celebrants and church premises, and all conscientious objections.

All three of these tracts were prayed through in small groups.

The next Prayer@Parliament will be in July 2013 the date will be confirmed soon.


Pastor Rasik Ranchord