2018 Gatherings

Thursday 1st March 2018
Thursday 14th June
Thursday 6th September

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In attendance

  • MPs
    • Hon Chester Borrows
    • Tim Macindoe
    • Sam Lotu-liga
  • Speakers
    • Tim Macindoe MP, The General Election Part 1
    • Mr Andrew Coster, Assistant Commisioner of Police - Family Violence
    • Ps Rasik Ranchord, General Election - Part 2

The meeting opened with prayer from Comm. Garth McKenzie.

Hon Chester Borrows welcomed the people to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance, saying that the Members of Parliament who attend these gatherings are encouraged when they see how many come. He acknowledged the presence of his parliamentary colleagues and other guests, and thanked all those who were involved in making the meeting go so well. Chester apologised for having to leave straight away as he had another event to attend.

Ps Rasik welcomed the people also, acknowledging that many had travelled from other places across the country – Auckland, Whanganui, Wairarapa, and from other many places across the Central Region. Fourteen denominations were represented and fulfilled John 17 – that we might be as one as Jesus and the Father are one. God commands the blessing when we are in unity. There were 7 apologies received from Members of Parliament.


The Scripture readings were as follows:

Old Testament: 2 Chronicles 7:11-22 read by Tricia Caughley
New Testament: Matthew 22:15-22 and 1 Peter 2:13-17 read by Hon Sam Lotu-Iiga MP


Ps Rasik welcomed the people also, acknowledging that many had travelled from other places across the country – Auckland, Whanganui, Wairarapa, and from other many places across the Central Region. Fourteen denominations were represented and fulfilled John 17 – that we might be as one as Jesus and the Father are one. God commands the blessing when we are in unity. There were 7 apologies received from Members of Parliament.


Prayer Track 1 – The General Election: Part 1 –Hon Tim MacIndoe MP

Tim thanked the people for coming and encouraged us to take an intelligent interest in politics and exercise our right to vote. We are often inclined to take our right to vote for granted (and many New Zealanders don’t vote) but it is a right denied to tens of millions of people in many countries, often accompanied by unimaginable brutality, tyranny and flagrant violation of human rights. So let us pray for peace and democracy in those countries that are denied that which we take for granted.

We pray that good people will offer themselves as candidates for this election. There are many personal challenges that candidates and their families face during an election period, so please pray for a clean campaign without fear, for the pressures on family relationships and the scrutiny on candidates’ children. I appreciate the sacrifices that my wife and children have made to support me and enable me to serve my constituents in Hamilton West and our country.

Pray also that the [election campaign] meetings will be conducted fairly and the media’s coverage will focus on the issues that matter to the public and help us to make wise and informed decisions, rather than on trivia or scaremongering.

I thank God too for the Christ-centred, faithful witness and excellent service of my dear friends and colleagues, Hon Chester Borrows and Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga who will retire from Parliament in just a few weeks. Truly they have done justly, loved mercy and walked humbly with our God. I will miss them!

There is much that we can and should pray for, and I firmly believe that good Christian folk can influence the election outcome through intelligent engagement, servant leadership and fervent prayer. So let us do just that! God bless you all.

Prayer Pointers:

  1. Leaders of all parties
  2. Address issues not attack people
  3. For a clean campaign, without fear
  4. For Retiring MPs – their transition period (David Cunliffe, Chester Borrows, Sam Lotu-Iiga, John Key)


Prayer Track 2 – Family Violence – Andrew Coster, Assistant Commissioner of Police, currently seconded to Ministry of Justice.

The statistics are shocking – a family violence incident happens once every 5 minutes! That is 100,000 incidents a year. However, only a quarter are actually reported. One in three women experience abuse (cost $4B a year). This is one of the highest rates in the developed world. Children are affected by witnessing violence in the home. When they are subjected to violence, they often use it themselves.

God’s desire is for harmonious family relationships. There is a big gap between reality and what is desired. We need to seek God to move in His power and authority in this area. He is able. Miracles can occur. Let us seek Him

We need to pray for policy makers who need to find a decision/pathway that will make a difference.

We need to pray for responders to help and assist groups who work in this area. Many incidents are not reported, but neighbours, friends, church people can make a difference.

We need to pray for those involved in such situations – family members and others, that generational patterns will be broken so the next generation will be spared the pain.

1 John 5:14-15: We can have confidence in asking God.

Prayer Pointers:

  1. Policy makers – those who respond and those who help
  2. Those involved in situations of family violence
  3. Pray for Mike Bush, Commissioner of Police
  4. Pray for Andrew Coster, Assistant Commissioner of Police and his work with the Justice Department.


Prayer Track 3 – General Election – Part 2 – Ps Rasik Ranchord 

Ps Rasik shared the statistics he had discovered about the last election. These numbers are of concern. One million New Zealand citizens did not vote in the last election. Of those one million, 700,000 enrolled but didn’t vote, and 300,000 didn’t enrol. Out of that one million, 400,000 Christians did not exercise their right to vote!

What is the cause of this dereliction of duty? What do Christians fear about politics? For far too long the evangelical sector has neglected to engage in activity in the public arena. This needs to be addressed.

A number of pamphlets have been written – “God, Gospel and Government”, “Render to Caesar, Render to God”, “Vote Smart 2017” and are available on the downloads page of our website athttp://prayeratparliament.org.nz/downloads. These pamphlets outline our responsibilities as citizens in our nation to participate in the affairs of the nation. These pamphlets have been reviewed by some members of Parliament (cross parties) for accuracy of process, etc.

Ps Rasik will get in touch with pastors and heads of churches to encourage Christians to exercise their right to vote. It is a privilege to live here in New Zealand. Apathy and cynicism are not helpful. Salt must be shaken out. When we are engaged, we can make a difference.

Prayer Pointers: 

  1. Greater voter turn out
  2. Christians will take their civic duties seriously
  3. Christian leaders will educate their people in relation to their civic duties
  4. Christian Members of Parliament who are standing again
  5. New Christian candidates.


All Prayer Points are on the reports page of our website at:www.prayeratparliament.org.nz and we encorage you to continue to pray through them as the Holy Spirit leads you.

An offering was received for expenses and prayed over by Ps Paul White, Levin.

The next Prayer at Parliament will be on 10 August, 2017

The House will be rising on17 August for preparation for the election on 23 September, 2017.

Rasik thanked all who had contributed to the meeting, whether in front of or behind the scenes. Brian Caughley closed the meeting with prayer.